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11 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Mom says:

    Jayster ~

    Impressive chica! How fun…that’s going to be cool, keeping up with you on your blog! Can’t wait to see what you come up with on a regular basis, oh creative one!

  2. mrsknabetobe says:

    Hello Jay,

    So as you know, I’m planning that wedding of mine. I was looking at your design work and I LOVE IT. Looking into wedding invitations, save the dates and all the stationary that comes with planning a wedding and was wondering how much you would charge. Rough estimates of course. If this is something you’d rather discuss via e-mail since my long lost friend lives all the way across the Pacific my e-mail is; I guess this also gives away who this is! Look forward to hearing from you soon :) I LOVEEEE YOU!


  3. Hi Jay,

    LOVE reading your blog each morning. It starts my day off right! What a clever gal you are. Of course, I already knew that.

    Am concerned about your diet. Please include some fresh fruits and veggies every day.

    Love and hugs,,
    Grandma Z

  4. Chloe Yester says:

    Hi Jay!
    I enjoy staying caught up on what is happening in your life by reading this thing! I’m officially obsessed with this blog I found recently,
    thought you might enjoy it.
    also, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get photoshop. When I come home can I buy you lunch one day, and can we spend an afternoon? I would just need some help getting started and figuring everything out. and I know you’re an absolute wiz!

  5. i love love love the momma comment. :) my mom would do the same sweet thing! love your blog!

  6. audwolf says:

    I was thinking, our adoption is going to be finalized soon and maybe you would be up for doing a super chic family photo shoot??

    Let me know :)


  7. Cuzzer says:

    I am officially a follower…

  8. audwolf says:

    Hey girl! Me again, just seeing when we could reschedule our photo shoot!


  9. Sierra says:

    Jaymee so excited for your blog! Keep up the good work sister!! xo


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