About Me

newprofilehi!  welcome to my blog about my life, my work, and other random stuff.  my name is jaymee and i am a southern california import to honolulu, hawaii.  i am a freelance graphic designer and i feel so blessed to be able to do what i love.


16 Responses to About Me

  1. Kimberlee says:

    i dig the pic of you and reis! verr nice :)

  2. dj says:

    Love the photos that you take. Im curious as to what ethnicity you are.

  3. Grams says:

    Would love to see pics of your new pad. Sounds wonderful.

  4. Would love to see pics of your new pad

  5. Aunt Pam says:

    Another vote for pics of your new pad…please. :-)

  6. Corrie Anne says:

    I love your blog name!! :)

  7. OK, I am moving to HI and will be friends forever :) Orrrr you can move to So Cal :) Love your bloggy blog!

  8. love your blog! i too suck at movies as i tend to fall asleep too…unless it’s a great chick flick. i can also relate to your dancing as your favorite thing to do. i don’t think i have the ability to even listen to music without moving to the beat of the song. following you on twitter too!!! i think we are the super low maintenance long hair ladies…….love my hair long just so that i “don’t” have to style it. up and back….easiest ever!

  9. Hi! I clicked on your blog through SkinnyRunner and am in LOVE with your photos. You are definitely an artist, I will be following for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. eliza says:

    do you do wedding invites/save the dates :)?

    • Jaymee says:

      Hi Eliza! Yes I do! But unfortunately I’m not taking any new jobs for the next few months because of tax season!

      Sent from my iPhone

  11. The Weight Run Down says:

    Great blog!

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