california dreaming.

caliboundever since we found out last friday that we will be moving to california, i haven’t stopped 1) smiling because we will be within driving distance to so many of my dear friends and family or 2) dreaming about our next house!  we plan on living in a quaint beach town in southern california (most likely redondo) and we cannot wait to get cruisers to bike to coffee shops, dinner, and to ride up and down the esplanade.  i am beyond thrilled to be able to enjoy my favorite california luxuries once again, namely trader joe’s, road trips, anthro, and flea markets.  we have known for awhile that a move may happen this summer, so we strategically saved all of the anthropologie, williams sonoma, and target gift cards we got for our wedding.  they have been burning a serious hole in my wallet and i am so excited to finally use them!  i’m also excited to scour craigslist, flea markets, and thrift shops to find little treasures and some furniture for our home.  i’ve been pinning a lot to my living space board and it’s pretty obvious that i’m into neutral colors (which is also reflected in these items…except the cruiser because those need to be colorful!)

1 / i would really love a grey couch and have decided that a sectional is a necessity.  i have had one the past few years in hawaii and i sit in the chaise section every single day.  it is just so ideal for reading or computering!  this one from west elm is way out of our budget…but i can dream right?

2 / this gold lamp from urban outfitters has been on my radar for a few years now!  but the shipping fees to hawaii are just so ridiculous.

3 / this rug from west elm is also out of our budget, but i will definitely be on the lookout for something similar.

4 / love love love this terrarium kit from anthropologie!

5 / having a cool chair like this in our living room would be so great.  i feel like chairs in living rooms make them feel more “grown-up” for some reason.

6 / i adore this print so much.  and it would look really cute on an art wall.

7 / riding one of these will totally bring me back to our college days in santa barbara where we rode our bikes to class, to starbucks, to dinner…everywhere!

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3 Responses to california dreaming.

  1. Kimberlee says:

    we can thrift together!!! i want a grey couch too! well, i want a new everything as you already know! dig your finds.

  2. I am so excited for you! But also a bit jealous- I miss living in San Diego- mainly great Mexican food, Trader Joe’s, and driving to see family and friends!

    CONGRATULATIONS again on the upcoming move!

  3. alicia says:

    It’s pathetic how in love I am with geometric shapes, LOVE the rug and terrariums, plus the cali poster <3

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