WALLS | bradley + taylor’s san luis obispo home.

taybudapt2taybudapt7taybudapt3taybudapt10 taybudapt4 taybudapt5 taybudapt6taybudapt9when reis and i went on our road trip up to san francisco, we broke up the long drive by staying a night with my brother and his wife in their adorable san luis obispo home!  sorry that most of these photos are such up close and personal detail shots…i only had my prime lens with me!

they live in a cute + cozy guest house that taylor has done an amazing job decorating (that girl has a serious knack for style).  their dining nook is super adorable…i especially love their diner style napkin holder and their metal tub dining room chairs from world market.  they have knick knacks from anthropologie, thrift shops, antique stores, and garage sales styled throughout their space.  that clock is actually a family heirloom – how cool is that!?  taylor is also a huge plant lover and has little air plants and greenery all around the house which adds to its overall charm + coziness.  their front stoop is decked out with succulents and their landlords even let them have a huge gardening space in the backyard!  thanks for letting me share your space, bradley and tay!  can’t wait for our next visit!

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7 Responses to WALLS | bradley + taylor’s san luis obispo home.

  1. CJ says:

    Everything is so vintage about that place! Love the napkin container!

  2. ok ok ok OK. mr. seth thomas makes adorable clocks – – & extra points for it being a family gem! question – what does their welcome mat say? i can see welcome, but is there another word on it? taylor does have an adorable simple sense of style!

    • Taylor says:

      you’re so kind! thank youuuuu! our clocks definitely a much treasured piece in our little home of ours! the doormats from target (& was something like $12!) it says w e l c o m e when you walk in & g o o d b y e when you head out! :)

  3. Taylor says:

    aww YAY to our place!!! thanks for featuring our home jay! absolutely loved our slumber party with you guys!!!….HOPEFULLY tomorrow we’ll find out much more of those to come!!! :) love you sisssy!!!

  4. janelle says:

    taylor, your place is an absolute GEM! can’t wait to visit in the future!

  5. Very cool!

    Love that napkin dispenser =)

  6. Love this!! Good job, Taylor!!

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