red eye essentials.


i’ve flown quite a bit in the past year…i think since last may, i’ve been to california on average once a month!  i mostly flew the red eye because when i was still working at my corporate job, i had to catch the friday night flight out to LA and make it back to hawaii by sunday night for work on monday.  (yet another reason why working for myself is AWESOME).  these were my essential pieces for those late-night-to-morning flights but definitely work for any-time-of-day-flying as well.

1) a large bag / i love using a big bag for a carryon because i stuff it with my laptop, camera, wallet, a book, some snacks, and other random in-flight necessities.  i’m really loving this one from cuyana.

2) a long + cozy sweater / without fail, i get super cold on the red eye.  i find blanket-like sweaters get the job done in keeping me warm through the night. (i saved this pic so long ago and have no idea where i saved it from!  i’m wishing i knew because that sweater is so cute!)

3) boots / i always wear my heaviest and largest shoes on the plane so they don’t take up precious room inside my suitcase.  (they also keep my toes warm on freezing flights!)  i currently have a huge crush on these ones from madewell and am saving my pennies for them because i love them so much!

4) leggings / the comfier the pants, the better.

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5 Responses to red eye essentials.

  1. I love that bag… and well everything else too. Just looks so comfy.

  2. Angel Y. says:

    It’s always freezing on red eye flights so everything here looks great! I love that bag. Great finds!

  3. janelle says:

    SO cute. i have those madewell boots!! ha :)

  4. alicia says:

    I always get soooo cold on flights, hate it! I love traveling in boots too, never though of it being a good idea due to them being heavy, more so just because they are comfy and usually easy to slide in and out of!
    And I seriously loooove that sweater, I’ve been looking for something just like it but haven’t found it anywhere in stores! If you come across any please do share!
    I’ll be traveling again in May, maybe I should go buy myself a decent sized carry-on travel bag :)

  5. Sarah says:

    hey lady!! purely by coincidence, i was shopping online and i *think* i found that sweater!! hope this helps :)

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