diy acai bowl.

acaibowl7acaibowl5acaibowl6acaibowl3acai bowls are really, really good.  they are my favorite thing to eat for lunch and i always eat them the same: strawberries, bananas, and granola on top, no honey, hold the berries.  but ya know what else?  they are so expensive!  especially in hawaii.  with my recent shift to freelance life, we’ve had to adjust our monthly spending habits and a $10 bowl just isn’t in the everyday budget.  so now we make our own.  and they are just as tasty!  here’s how i make mine:

1 // blend 1 sambazon acai packet + handful of frozen strawberries + 1 frozen banana (makes it super thick!)
2 // top with granola + fresh fruit

*i highly recommend using a vitamix or some other decent blender.  we don’t have one but it’s at the top of my wishlist.  i think i got our current blender for a dollar at a garage sale and it majorly struggles when trying to puree all that frozen fruit.  i swear the motor is just going to blow up one of these days.

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8 Responses to diy acai bowl.

  1. janelle says:

    YUM!!! Gonna make one asap. Where do you buy those acai packets jay? Not gonna lie, will prob just buy them on amazon but maybe you have a certain place you get them?

  2. Yes, where do you get acai packets?

    I used to get Acai bowls ALL THE TIME but can no longer justify the expense! I’d love to try to make them at home =)

    • Health Nut says:

      you can find some much better options online than at costco or whole foods. I recommend, they have the best acai i’ve had since I lived in Brazil….a lot better than the other brand with soy lecithin.

    • King says:

      Cum adica ce poti sa-i explici? Tu ai comis-o, tu sa scoti castanele din foc. Te-a prins cu ocaua mica si acuma dai din colt in colt! Omul e un fin observator, nu-ti merge cu el, nu-l pacalesti ca pe ceilalti fre.ariiAdevarul, vrem adevarul, spune-i omului in fata ADEVARUL! 

  3. KAIT says:

    Haha I have the same problems with my current blender… maybe one day I’ll be able to call a Vitamix my own!

  4. kristine says:

    I will reference your recipe this weekend. withdrawals.

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