february in review.

FebruaryinReview1 // we walked to a diner near our house and shared a milkshake late one friday night.  for some reason this has been on my bucket list and i’m glad we did it because i love me a thick diner milkshake.

2+3 // some of my family was in town and we climbed the koko head steps.  it’s a quick way to get your heart rate up and the views at the top are worth the crazy leg-burning.

4 // i was going through my desk (in which i have about 13 half-filled notebooks) and discovered my very first sketch of my wedding dress that i drew at the end of this weekend!!  so thankful for my mama who made it!

5 // we spent a lot of weekends on the beach.  i’m trying so hard to get my tan back!

6 // reis surprised me on valentine’s day with take out from whole foods and a sunset picnic by the beach.  love him so much.

7 // we went to our friend tara’s rad pop-up shop at specialme in waikiki and had a really fun night with friends.

8 // many hours were spent waiting in line at the tax office & the department of commerce and consumer affairs, but jayadores design co. OFFICIALLY became a registered business in the state of hawaii!

march is going to be a BIG month for us and i’m so excited for everything to come in the next few weeks.  will be sharing lots more soon!

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4 Responses to february in review.

  1. CJ says:

    Hey Jay! Do you watch Hawaii 5-0? There was one episode where the characters jogged up something that looks like the Koko Head Steps, and I’m wondering if that’s the place…

  2. janelle says:

    our layouts look kinda similar today!!! GREAT MINDS!!!

  3. congrats on #8!! i know that took a lot of energy & time – – – but look at you now!! whoohoo!! ps: you’re mama is SUPER talented!

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