when it’s cold in hawaii…

cozyinsidethe past few weeks in hawaii have been kind of cold (in my opinion) and super windy.  we live on a big hill so i’m not sure if it’s the extra breeze we get up here, but i haven’t worn a sweatshirt and sweats this much since i moved here almost four years ago!  and i’m taking FULL advantage of the situation.  i miss cooler california winters so i love when the opportunity presents itself to wear comfy sweats around the house while i work and drink hot coffee (opposed to my regular shorts/tank/iced coffee)!  i know most people don’t advise to work in your pajamas, but until hawaii goes back to being warm, i will be wearing this cozy get-up.

sweatshirt // coffee mug // sweats

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8 Responses to when it’s cold in hawaii…

  1. MyOwnPace says:

    envious of your work attire! :) i can relate with “missing” cooler weather. i moved to lower alabama (an eastern kentucky native) 2 years ago & i rarely get to pull from my giant box of sweaters anymore! but i do love the warmer climate year round!

  2. Brookelyn says:

    those sweats look like perfection

  3. I wear the same thing to work every day.

    Just kidding. Kind of.

    I’m loving this winter weather in Hawaii! We actually get to sleep with a real blanket. In fact, we’ve been using a sheet, a light quilt, and a heavier blanket for weeks- LOVE IT!

  4. janelle says:

    yay for hawaiian winters and getting to wear cute sweatshirts!

  5. alicia says:

    Looks like the perfect cozy-up-inside-during-a-windy-winter-day outfit for me :)

  6. Maddie says:

    Where’d you get the sweatshirt?!?

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