design journey.

featuredwc6you guys!  i’m so excited today to be featured on waterfall creative’s design journey column!  i’ve been a long time admirer of joanna’s work and feel so honored she reached out to me!  click here to read more about my story of making the jump from accountant —> freelance design!  thanks so much, joanna!

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5 Responses to design journey.

  1. scotteereid says:

    soooo cool cuzzer! my lil celebrity…

  2. Kimberlee says:

    yes indeedy. you make us so proud!

  3. Mom says:

    Very cool Jaymes! Looks good and Yeah for Social Media :)

  4. janelle says:

    so proud of my jaymster!

  5. you are absolutely pulling off those polka-dot pants girlfriend!! & yay for being featured

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