random thoughts on a monday.


1) see those little succulents up there?  for valentine’s day, reis got me these terra cotta planters, spray painted parts of them gold (blue-taped them off and everything!), and planted succulents in them!!  i was so impressed with the man’s craft skills!  who knew!?  he knows i love gold accents and these plants and combined the two for an extra sweet and thoughtful gift.

2) when i hear a song i like, i have a tendency to play it on repeat for days/weeks on end (this drives reis – and most people – crazy!).  i have been listening to JT’s new song “mirrors” on repeat this ENTIRE weekend, people.  all eight minutes and six seconds of it on loop.  i’m so happy he’s back in action because i love me some JT jams.

3) sometimes i watch shows online while i work and got into nashville a few weeks back.  i’m pretty hooked now on the characters + the music and will most likely be rocking out to the soundtrack once i’ve sufficiently overplayed JT’s song.

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4 Responses to random thoughts on a monday.

  1. not to sound creepy, but as far as the music repeat thing, I DO THE SAME THING. once I find a song I love, it’s the only one in my universe for weeks.

    I’m also obsessed with Nashville and watch it while working. WEIRD haha

  2. alicia says:

    i’m a big fan of succulents. i love how the pots turned out. although i enjoy touches of gold i don’t like them that much for decorating, however the gold on the ceramic is so subtle i would totally do this!

  3. Cassie says:

    I play songs on repeat too!! It probably does drive other people crazy, but it’s a good thing I am mostly alone in my car when I drive somewhere ha ha.

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