a morning in waikiki.

waikiki1waikiki3waikiki5last week on reis’ day off, we had a morning date in waikiki that involved iced coffee and a beach walk.  i love morning outings on weekdays because everywhere is more quiet and less crowded.  you won’t find us in waikiki very often, but this day was particularly beautiful and it’s a close drive from our house.  i also carried my new samudra x ladyslider clutch that reis got me for christmas!  our friend tara makes them and i dig her whole collection.  but this one is my favorite!  it’s perfectly fashionable and super functional.  i use it whenever i go out for errands or coffee runs and it fits my phone, wallet, keys, and even my big dslr (though i don’t recommend lugging one of those around in a clutch)!  check out her shop HERE. and her blog HERE.   it’s pretty great and will probably make you want to pack up your stuff and move to hawaii.

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4 Responses to a morning in waikiki.

  1. Kimberlee says:

    oh look at you and your cute newlywed outings. lovin’ these pics! (tell Reis he is definitely good at pickin’ out gifts for miss particular)

  2. Savannah says:

    hi jay! i love your blog & gorgeous photos. my fiance and i are coming to hawaii this march for two weeks for our honeymoon, visiting oahu and kauai. you’ve done some highlights of your favorite places in california, but we would love recommendations of non-touristy places to eat & relax in hawaii! if you’d be willing to share some :)

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