thoughts on freelance | staying organized.

freelancethoughtsorgi picked up these folders from anthropologie (i think they are sold out at anthro but i found them here) and have since put them to good use in helping me stay organized.  my goal is to maintain a folder for all current clients to house invoices, samples, receipts, etc. related to each project.  i also have folders for legal and tax documents in an effort to keep everything in one easy-to-find place.   i am trying my best to implement this from the start so important papers won’t end up scattered around my house/purse/desk…or in the trash.  i guess previously being on the other side of things as an accountant has given me motivation to keep things neat for the sole purpose of a seamless tax return preparation.  messy clients were no fun and a giant headache.  and since i’ll be doing my own taxes, i really don’t want that headache…so hopefully that serves as an incentive to keep this system up!  happy weekending!

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3 Responses to thoughts on freelance | staying organized.

  1. Cute folders, Jaymee! Did you spray paint your file holder or did it already come in gold?

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