wine tasting in santa ynez.

winetasting25 winetasting13 winetasting6 winetasting3 winetasting4 winetasting2 winetasting18 winetasting11 winetasting19 winetasting20 winetasting22winetasting7 *i’m discovering so many photos still inside my cam so bear with me as i share the rest of my california travels!

for my brother-in-law’s birthday, our whole family took a little trip up to santa ynez (a little ways above santa barbara) to go wine tasting!  we got a late start so we only went to one winery, but it was a good one.  we had a tasting at sunstone and the property is so gorgeous…it kinda feels like you are in tuscany.  i am the farthest thing from a wino (i was hoping italy would have refined me in that area), but per the fam’s reviews and multiple bottles that were purchased, i think the wine was pretty good.  on the way home, we got dinner in montecito at my favorite santa barbara italian restaurant via vai trattoria!  thin crust margherita pizza.  do it do it do it.  such a fun day with my favorite people in my favorite state!

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3 Responses to wine tasting in santa ynez.

  1. Kimberlee says:

    almost done with our garlic oil :(

  2. Love all your pictures!!

    PS- did you all coordinate your outfits? =)

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