WALLS | grow.

grow15 grow8bigsur30 bigsur6grow17 bigsur4grow1during our breakfast stop in cambria on the way to big sur, we went to grow, the most amazing succulent nursery i have ever laid eyes on (and the only one to be honest..but seriously, i don’t think it could get much more amazing than this place)!  i first heard of grow from my good friend ann-marie and knew it was a must stop on our road trip.  they have every type of succulent imaginable in this adorable little shop!   plus, all of their inventory is displayed in the cutest way possible which makes you want to buy each and every plant they have.  unfortunately, reis and i didn’t buy any because it’s a big hassle to bring plants into hawaii from the mainland.  oh well!  maybe one day.  for all you californians, go to grow and buy some cute little plants for your home or office!

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5 Responses to WALLS | grow.

  1. Oh my! Once we’re back in the States I’m determined to have a framed, succulent wall in our backyard! Hopefully they have somewhere like this on the East coast! xo

  2. Annie Thielen says:

    Hi Jayme!! It’s Annie and Zac. We love your blogs and all of your adventures! Such an inspiration! Looks like married life is treating you well and we hope to see you guys up in SF one of these days. take care! xoxoxo

    • jaymee says:

      aw thanks zac and annie!! next time we are there we have to get together! we were there for an interview a few weeks ago but only for a day and a half. we miss you guys in hawaii but hope you are doing well in sf!!

  3. Mom says:

    Yep went there & bought a dozen adorable minis:)

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