WALLS | the daily dose.

dailydose23 dailydose2dailydose4dailydose13dailydose11dailydose12sooo i’m starting a new column here called WALLS.  i will be featuring the interiors of cool [to me] places i have been to including coffee shops, apartments, and perhaps cute retail shops and office spaces.  i have some reallyyy cute apartments in the queue right now and you should be seeing a few in the next several weeks!

we spent some time in LA when we were in california and discovered the daily dose!  reis had to be in downtown LA for some school stuff, and i needed a coffee shop to camp out at for most of the day to get work done.  it’s tucked away in an alley and the brick walls are covered in ivy!  it’s incredibly charming and it kind of feels like you walked straight into alice and wonderland.  the coffee, scones, and sandwiches they serve are really fresh + delicious, AND they have a huge room full of tables (and outlets…very important!) if you need get work done.  i highly recommend you take a little visit if you live in the LA area.  it’s definitely on my “top ten favorite coffee shops list” and i promise you’ll dig it too.

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One Response to WALLS | the daily dose.

  1. Kimberlee says:

    certainly diggin’ this new column of your’s. that place is too cute. your pics are fab. i want to go there NOW.

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