working from home + more travels.


the first week of december we decorated our tiny house for christmas and got our very first christmas tree together as husband and wife!  we have thoroughly been enjoying our festive little place and i just love being home more now that my office is in our living room.  i can light candles while i work, jam out to christmas music, AND wear my pajamas.  it’s really great.  it does require lots of self-discipline, however, because being your own boss has unlimited amounts of freedom attached to it (which is also probably my favorite part!).

this next month is going to be a crazy month of [more] travel.  we flew to california on the redeye last night and will be here for quite awhile!  i am so excited for all of the adventures we will be going on and for quality time spent with family and friends.  

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2 Responses to working from home + more travels.

  1. Auntie Pam says:

    You’re already here?! Yay!!!

  2. scotteereid says:

    I can’t wait to seeeeeee youuuuu cuzzer!!!!!

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