italian honeymoon photo diary | cinque terre.

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cinque terre is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world.  we took the train from tuscany and when we arrived in monterosso, we were so giddy we could hardly wait to put our bags down to explore the seaside town.  we stayed at the quaint hotel pasquale in a room overlooking the water and woke up each morning to an incredible sunrise right outside our window (9th photo from the top).  the colors of the water and sky were unreal — beyond anything i have ever seen before!  we had cappuccinos every single day we were in italy with breakfast – those italians sure know how to work their espresso machines because the coffee over there is on another level.  our hotel breakfast in cinque terre was probably our favorite breakfast of  the entire trip.  they made fresh croissants each morning and we could smell them baking from our room.  i would go back and stay at this hotel again just for the croissants.  they were that good.

on our second day there, we went on an early hike from monterosso to vernazza (you can hike to all 5 towns but a few trails are closed right now because they’ve been rained out).  besides having a slight 30 second panic attack that i was going to fall off the side of the mountain when we took a wrong turn and ended up off of the path, the hike really was amazing.  the weather could not have been more perfect and the views looking out at the mystical cliffs and down into vernazza were insane.  italy is one of those places that really is as picturesque in person as it is in photos (if not even more beautiful!).  we spent the rest of the day exploring riomaggiore and manarola, two of the other towns that make up cinque terre.  we ate as much gelato as we possibly could and ate our way through the towns at pizzerias, cafes, and ristorantes.  next stop: lake como!

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8 Responses to italian honeymoon photo diary | cinque terre.

  1. scotteereid says:

    ahhhhhh oh man i LOVE these photos. SO good, makes me want to run away right now.

  2. Italy in November looks heavenly!!

    When we go back I think Carl and I will try for an Autumn trip… the summer was really HOT and super crowded- this season looks perfect!

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pics- I may have to revisit my honeymoon pictures of Greece and share them =)

  3. ahh these photos are just perfection! and oh heyyyy, i like your scarf!! ;)

  4. emily says:

    It really is such a beautiful place… I especially love your photos of the coastline.

  5. Natalie says:

    You two are so cute!! You guys match Europe and definitely need to get back there.
    Love all you photos!!!

  6. faz says:

    Looks so nice – so you were there for 2 days? Do you think that is enough time or would you have liked to spend more time there? I am planning a trip there later this year…

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