beaching and hiking.

hawaii5hawaii4hawaii6hawaii3hawaii2hawaii1 since being back in hawaii the past 2 weeks, i think i have seen more of the island than i have in the past several months!  now that wedding planning is over (and not consuming my every spare minute!) and i have the luxury of making my own schedule, i am making it a point to get outside more.  it’s easy to forget how beautiful this island is when you are trapped inside a cubicle all day and leave the office after dark!  this past saturday we ventured over to makapu’u beach and hiked mariner’s ridge.  it was so nice to be outdoors in the sunshine – especially in december!  i am looking forward to many more adventures on this little island.

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4 Responses to beaching and hiking.

  1. CJ says:

    Beautiful pictures as always! What is the weather there like?

  2. emily says:

    Beautiful! Such a contrast to London, where we have the first snow of the season falling this morning. I love weather though – it’s sometimes the closest you come to nature when living in a big city.
    Enjoy your new schedule!

  3. Beccas says:

    Every time I check out your blog I just wanna pack my bags and move to Hawaii! And congrats on your marriage. Looks like you had the most amazing day! All the little details you put into it were awesome!

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