an unforgettable bridal shower.

there are really no adequate words to describe the unbelievably AMAZING bridal shower my sister, sister-in-law, and two best friends threw for me a few weekends ago in california.  like, seriously.  just look at these photos!  what!?!  i still look through them and am just amazed by every single detail and beauty of it all AND the fact that they did it all for me!  i am blessed beyond measure, that is for sure.  they all know how much i love little details so they went over-the-top in every. single. aspect of the night with intricacies that i appreciated more than they will ever know.  when i first walked out into the yard, i’m pretty sure my jaw just about hit the floor.  i was seriously in awe at everything in front of my eyes that i immediately ran back inside to grab my camera because light was escaping us and the beautifulness NEEDED to be captured on my camera before it was too dark.

the table settings were impeccable and glamourous (so in love with the green bottles/vases and black & white striped runners).  the gorgeous market lights were strung just for my shower by heather’s dad!  the escort table (yes, they had an escort table!) had custom designed name tags for every guest.  the appetizers and dinner (mostly made by the talented janelle) were insanely delicious.  the food presentation was incredibly detailed (how cute are those little glittery pom poms?!).  they had an italian soda bar, a bellini bar (complete with black & white striped straws), a candy station (with a ridiculously cute backdrop that heather made!), AND a dessert bar (with hundreds of homemade goodies & an ombre cake)!  they had customized mint favors at every place setting, beautiful and classy balloons (of which the hanging garlands were slaved over by my sister for 3 days!), matching sugar paper napkins, customized labels for every dish/drink/dessert (taylor did ALL of the design for the night and i loved that it was all cohesive from the invitation to the signage to the name tags!)…i really could go on and on and on about everything.  it was a truly unforgettable night and i am forever grateful to my hostesses (and everyone else who helped!) for going to great lengths in planning this event and for making me feel so special in this exciting time of my life!  love you guys SO. MUCH.

for more deets on this “bridal shower of a century” as my good friend ann-marie has coined the event (and quite accurately so!),  janelle’s recap is  here and you can also check out ann-marie’s post here — she helped set up and took a ton of beautiful photos!

1st photo by my sis, photos 3&4 by ann-marie

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9 Responses to an unforgettable bridal shower.

  1. Whitney says:

    This is gorgeous! I love every single detail. Lucky gal you are ! :)

  2. janelle says:

    loved every minute of that shower!! was so fun to plan with the gals and so glad you loved all the details!!! xoxoxo

  3. Aliemeow says:


  4. Kimberlee says:

    u got some good pics sis! and yes oh how we loved doing that for you! what janelle said :)

  5. scotteereid says:

    SERIOUSLY insane. You girls are so unbelievably talented. I hope you’re available for hire in 30 years when I get married.

  6. oh my goodness! your shower looks amazing! every detail is gorgeous!!

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