1.5 days in california.

here’s a little timeline of how our [crazy, jam-packed, no sleep] weekend went down.

5:00 AM – i land at LAX.  reis was on a different flight (long story) so i hang out in the terminal and use some free wi-fi.  my dad picks me up and we go to starbucks while we wait for reis’ flight.  which got delayed about 3 times.

8:15 AM – pick reis up and head over to intelligentsia coffee in silverlake.

9:00 AM – meet up with the adorable kristine (our amazing letterpress printer who printed our invitations!) to pick up our wedding invites.  (oh MY, i cannot wait to show you!)

9:30 AM – drive to santa barbara.

11:00 AM – see our venue for the first time ever.  it took my breath away!  it was even better than i had expected (and i had really high expectations!).  we planned out some logistics of the layout/setup, etc.

1:00 PM – meet my cousins at los arroyos in downtown sb for some ridiculously good mexican food.  and we were starving at this point so it tasted even more delicious.

4:30 PM – (not pictured) a wedding hair trial!

6:30 PM – we meet my niece and snuggle that ridiculously adorable face.

8:00 PM – my mom cooks a delicious homemade family dinner to celebrate my 25th year of life with my entire fam (i feel so old now).

8:30 PM – my girlfriends  come over to help me assemble our invitations…and they stay until the crack of dawn.  literally.  (thanks so much you guys!)

4:00 AM – finally get to bed after realizing i didn’t really sleep the night before, and oh yeah, i’m kinda tired.

9:00 AM – family breakfast!

10:00 AM – more niece snuggling.

12:00 PM – finish the invitations.  ready for mail out!

1:00 PM – (not pictured) second to last wedding dress fitting with my mama!  (it is turning out beautifully and exactly what i wanted…and more.)

3:00 PM – back to the airport we go.

and back i go to CA again in 3 weeks for my bridal shower!  i cannot wait.

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7 Responses to 1.5 days in california.

  1. scotteereid says:

    …gosh Reis is so LA. hahahhahaha

    CUZ it was so good to see you for 5 minutes :) love you.

  2. squigglefloey says:

    <3 so excited for you dear :) and SO jealous! can't wait to see pics in the upcoming months!

  3. SkinnyRunner says:

    dude that is a quick trip but so exciting with all the wedding details and fun.

  4. Deirdre says:

    You are amazing and I am exhausted just reading that! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful stuff you are doing for your wedding, you are so creative!

  5. such a happy time in a girls life.

  6. sarah says:

    Have you thought about giving up the accounting job and becoming a wedding/event planner? If not, you should because you are amazing at it!

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