my newest obsession.

this past weekend, reis and i flew to LA for a super quick trip with the main reason being to meet our precious new niece, ryan nicole.  she was born two weeks ago and i have been dying to snuggle those cheeks since the minute she was born.  i am overwhelmed with the amount of love i have for her and i never knew i could feel this way about anyone!  i wouldn’t necessarily say i’m a “baby person” and never really understood how people could just stare at babies for hours.  oooh ohhh NOW i get it.  i literally could just watch her for the whole day and be perfectly content.  i already miss her like crazy and can’t wait until i get to see her again in just a few weeks!  for now, i just demand my sister and brother-in-law send me a daily pic (or 2 or 3 or 4) to get my ryry fill for the day.

the rest of our weekend was filled to the max and we were incredibly productive doing wedding stuff (more pics of the weekend to come soon)!  it was way too short like always, but so special and fun to be with my entire family for the first time since ryan was born.

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2 Responses to my newest obsession.

  1. gmruns says:

    So stinkin cute! Me niece is Ryann (spelled differently) and I feel the same way! Being and aunt is seriously the best thing ever!!! Congratulations :)

  2. Whitney says:

    How precious is she? Congrats Auntie!

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