headed to california for a baby shower.

[a few sneak peeks at some baby show prep for this weekend]

me and the friday night redeye from HNL >>LAX are becoming quite the BFFs as of late.  i’m headed off to california tonight for my sister’s baby shower on sunday!  even though these weekends only last 36 hours, they are the best ever because i get to see my family and close friends.  it will be an insanely busy weekend from the second i land until the minute i take off.  i literally think every spare hour is booked with an appointment, gathering, or event of some sort…including my FIRST dress fitting — my mom finished sewing it this week!!!, a photo shoot, and a wedding make-up trial!  i am so so excited and i can’t wait to get there!  i’m sure i will be instagramming it up, so follow me @jayadores if you want to see some of my weekend adventures!

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5 Responses to headed to california for a baby shower.

  1. pamula2000 says:

    have a fun time w/your friends & family here in CA. baby showers are the BEST!! sounds like you’re going to have a fun-filled, exciting time. :)

  2. Have a great time. Your std was seriously the most creative I have ever seen, just beautiful!

  3. LOVE all these details! Can’t wait to see more pics from the shower! So much fun seeing you last night. I have a feeling there are lots of great things in store for you… xoxo

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