our save the dates: a labor of LOVE.

our save the dates were a labor of some serious love involving my all-time favorite combination of design + media.  i’ve been obsessed with filming/editing videos since elementary school so it was only appropriate that reis and i made a video to send out to our guests.  our good friend jon helped us film one sunday on the north shore and i edited our footage down to a short little film.  then i got to designing the packaging of it all (so much fun!).  i ordered kraft dvd cases from washington and sent them to louisiana to be letterpressed with my design (i am so obsessed with anything and everything lettepressed!).  then came the fun part of individually(!) burning 130+ copies of the finalized dvd.  i designed the “details” insert and sent them out to be printed in california.  then i designed the dvd label, ordered blank glossy labels online, printed them on my printer, and stamped a label on each dvd.  the address labels i printed on vellum and spray glued them on to bubble wrap mailers (for the record, spray glue and vellum are my worst enemies…lots of stickiness, lots of trial and error, and lots of worrying that the labels would fall off in transit, leaving the packages to be forever lost in usps land).  finally i wrapped up the kraft cases with some baker’s twine and off they went!  this whole process was my ideal project and it was SO much fun seeing it come to life after being a vision inside of my head for months.

*check back tomorrow because i’ll be sharing our video!

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13 Responses to our save the dates: a labor of LOVE.

  1. ooooh I just love your save the dates!! So fun to do a video. I can’t wait for you to post it. :)

  2. Sarah OUaL says:

    OMG. Seriously? You’re too much. Love love love them. Please get those featured in Bride magazine ASAP. Can’t wait to see the vid!

  3. brokerunner says:

    These are amazing! LOVE them!

  4. You are amazing!!

    They came out beautifully! Can’t wait to see the video =)

  5. WOW. If you put this much into your save the dates, I can’t WAIT to see all your amazing wedding details! LOVE all of it!

    You are so much more committed and dedicated than I with this kind of thing. I’d throw in the towel at the first sign of sticky trial and error!

  6. Kelly says:

    love love love it Jay!!!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Such a cute idea! You are so creative! If you or anyone else ever needs any CD/DVD printing, duplication or CD/DVD packaging I work for a small company just outside of DC. I can always send samples of the work we do! Check us out at http://www.dp-cd.com

  8. Wow, so beautiful! In my dreamland of endless funds and time I have a letterpress shop in my garage to play with. Love!

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