four months to go.

you guys.  four months from TODAY reis and i will be getting married!!!  FOUR MONTHS.  ahh!  time is flying.  i am really trying to savor this whole engagement time because it only happens once.  it’s been a really sweet time in our relationship and planning a wedding is just really fun!  here are some updates on our wedding plans:

1) my dress// i’ve mentioned this before, but i am designing my own dress and it has turned into a multi-state affair.  i got measured last weekend by a seamstress in hawaii, we are having a seamstress in idaho make the pattern, and my talented mama in california is making the dress.  it’s all kinda crazy.  last week my mom sent me a picture of the fabric she bought for it and i am slightly obsessed!  so excited to see my design come to life!

2) our save-the-dates// hahaha. well….according to martha stewart, these should have gone out, ooooohhh, about 4 months ago.  yeah.  so it’s only appropriate (considering reis and i are the most un-punctual people on the planet) that they are not going out for another week or so.  it’s been quite a production (literally) to make them and i am SUPER excited to finally send them out!  i will share full on details (and show lots of photos) once we send them out to our guests!

3) vendors// i’m happy to say that we have booked the majority of our major vendors and i am so excited about all of them!!  my mom is the best wedding planner (ever!) and has made this whole long-distance-wedding-planning thing a lot easier (and a whole lot less stressful) just knowing she is taking care of all of the logistics.  now it’s time to nail down all of the little details and i am currently a busy busy lady designing everything (programs, menus, table numbers, escort cards, invitations, our logo, etc.)…probably one of my favorite parts about wedding planning!

it really is so much fun planning the biggest day of our lives.  here’s to hoping the next four months don’t go by too fast!

photo from our engagement shoot with brooklynhawaii

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6 Responses to four months to go.

  1. Sarah OUaL says:

    OMG I can’t wait to see how your dress turns out!! I love love that you’re designing it yourself and your mom is such a big part in all of the planning. I bet she’s loving it :) xo

  2. Deirdre says:

    How fun! I love that you are enjoying the process and not letting it stress you out. Can’t wait to see what beautiful things you design.

  3. Diana says:

    I just got caught up on your blog (aka I’ve spent my entire morning reading/looking at pictures) and I have to say it looks like life is treating you well :)
    You look so radiant and happy! You have such a wonderful group of friends and family and fiancé around you and it made me smile!
    Quick question – actually I want to ask you a million questions about your photography so I think you should write a post about it :) More importantly – what camera lens do you use? and when you’re taking pics inside at night what settings do you use?

  4. pamula2000 says:

    sooo funnn! getting excited for you & Reis!! :)) soo neat that you’re designing your dress. I know it’s going to be so beautiful!! enjoy the last few months before your big day!! :) xo

  5. Woohoo!! 4 months will fly by. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous dress. You are going to be one stunning bride my friend :) Hugs! Hope you are well :)

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