taylor + bradley wedding: part II.

june 16 was a really special day.  i’ve said this before, but we really LOVE taylor.  a lot.  she is the perfect fit in our family and we could not have picked anyone more perfect for our brother!  (and vice versa…our brother is one pretty amazing guy himself).  we got ready at the hotel all morning and had the sweetest hair and makeup artists come to the suite to make us up real pretty.  taylor was an absolutely stunning bride and had that beaming bridal glow all afternoon.  i love just looking back at these photos because it was such a memorable day.  eee!  i just love all things wedding!  since i was in the wedding, i didn’t get any photos of the ceremony, but was able to get a few at the reception which i will share tomorrow!  (get ready for DIY amazingness…taylor is a creative genius!)


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2 Responses to taylor + bradley wedding: part II.

  1. janelle says:

    jay – these photos are unreal!!! your photog skills are seriously amazing, my friend!!! and everyone looks absolutely beautiful!

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