beach day in black and white.

last week my very good friend (and one of my bridesmaids!) came to oahu with her family and her lover man.  on sunday i played tour guide and took them to the north shore where we ate acai bowls, lounged at the beach, and drove the scenic route home.  it was perfectly relaxing and so nice to spend good quality time with friends from california!

ohhh and i still have tons of photos to share from taylor and bradley’s wedding weekend!  i have lots of posts planned for this week (including some of reis and my wedding updates)!  there might even be one everyday, people.  a rarity around here i know.

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3 Responses to beach day in black and white.

  1. janelle says:

    so glad i got to spend time with you, my love!!!! this was such a fun day. love you!!

  2. Taylor aka Sister :) says:

    So happy you got to hangout with Janelle & have a relaxing & enjoyable weekend! Lovin the black & white :) Can’t wait for all your planned posts!!! xoxo

  3. kimberlee says:

    so cute!!! glad you got some good comfort time with one of your besties!

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