a celebratory weekend: part I.

during memorial day weekend, my sister and i threw a bridal shower for our brother’s beautiful fiancé taylor.  it was an amazing non-stop weekend and we also went out for her bachelorette party!  (plus my sis managed to sneak in a surprise mini engagement party for me with my best friends from high school!)

for taylor’s shower, we went with a “CAbi” theme since taylor is a consultant for the clothing company.  everything was pink and feminine and very theme oriented (i.e. we had peach bellinis called “cabi-llinis”).  we loved planning all of the little details and we are so excited to gain this gorgeous girl as our sister in 2 weeks!  she’s a special one, that girl.  well done, brother.

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One Response to a celebratory weekend: part I.

  1. Taylor says:

    YAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I’ve been dyin to see some pictures!!!! :D Love this “a celebratory weekend: part I.” post! :) Couldn’t be more blessed to be gaining such wonderful sisters! Everything was absolutely gorgeous!. It was a weekend full of wonderful memories that I’ll never forget! Thank you Jay! xoxo

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