a beautiful wedding.

friday night we went to our friends’ wedding at kualoa ranch.  it was one of the most beautiful weddings i’ve ever been to and we could not be happier for the bride and groom!  the venue is nestled up against the ko’olau mountains (aka what i like to call the jurassic park mountains) directly across from the ocean and complete with a perfect view of Chinaman’s Hat.  absolutely SWOONWORTHY.  and there is just something about going to a wedding as an engaged couple that is really fun.  i think as a female, it’s pretty impossible to go to a wedding and not think/dream about your own.  so now that it’s actually happening, it gets me even more excited for our special day!

p.s. i’ll be sharing some of our engagement photos later this week!

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3 Responses to a beautiful wedding.

  1. I need to move to where you live, seriously!

  2. Ms. S says:

    Ugh-I want to go back to Hawaii SO bad! I loved the ranch :) can’t wait to see your engagement photos!

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