inspired by: nicky hilton.


on saturday morning, reis and i celebrated my almost-being-done-with-tax-season with a yummy breakfast at the creampot in waikiki.  then he had to go into work so i went shopping and did some serious damage.  i haven’t been shopping since before christmas and i wanted to give my credit card a really good workout.  i got a little splurge happy (and everything was fitting perfectly!) but found some pretty sweet deals too.  like a vintage oscar de la renta wool sweater for $5 (!) at a thrift shop.  i love when thrift shops don’t know the value of things!  now i just have to find a time to wear it…

fedora: $15 at a street fair//rayban sunglasses: gift from reis//tank: $10 target//shorts: $20 nordstrom rack//clutch: $2 thrift shop//leaopard sandals: $12 old navy

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2 Responses to inspired by: nicky hilton.

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the outfit! This is totally something I would wear.

    Seriously, when I go shopping, it either seems as though I find nothing or I shop ’til I drop. Why is that?

    I saw a lot of those hats when I was in Hawaii. . . now I’m wishing I would have gotten one; they’re cute!

    • Jaymee Zeller says:

      thanks michelle! they sell those hats all over the place! i think i just saw some at ross?? hope you find one!

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