inspired by: kristin cavallari


the countdown has begun.  tax season is almost OVER.  3 more days til the madness ends and i. am. stoked!!!  i don’t think i will ever take a saturday for granted ever again!  the one plus to working so much is that you realllyyy learn to appreciate days off.  i already have so many “saturday morning” plans on the books for the next few months including: running OUTSIDE (!), going to the beach, learning how to surf (for the 20th time.  i don’t think i will ever actually learn, but it sure is fun trying!), garage saling, farmers marketing, going out to breakfast here & here, and oh yeah, sleeping.  it will all be so glorious and wonderful and i will be one happy girl.  and hopefully tan too.  p.s. did you all file your taxes?  technically you have until tuesday, but just my little obligatory accountant PSA reminder to all ya’ll.

jacket: $50 after thanksgiving sale @ arden b.//scarf: $6 forever 21//tee: $10 express//leggings: $10 nordstrom rack//boots: $80 super sale at banana republic

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One Response to inspired by: kristin cavallari

  1. Just Be. says:

    Really cute! Enjoy your well-deserved free time!

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