my wedding planner.

ever since we got engaged, i have been wanting to get a wedding planner/notebook to stay organized.  our friend brett gave me a moleskine notebook awhile ago and it was too beautiful to just do any ordinary thing with it so i was saving it for something “special.”  i think our wedding is pretty dang special so i decided to convert it into our wedding planner!  i printed out martha stuart’s wedding checklist to stick in there, have been picking up paint chips for color inspiration (mint + neutrals is what i am currently loving), and have been jotting down random notes here and there regarding photographers, venues, videographers, yadda yadda.  i also started on our guest list (that thing is hard to make!) and things are starting to come together.  it’s all just so exciting!

i really am loving being engaged.  such a fun and happy and special time for reis and me and i want to savor every moment.

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9 Responses to my wedding planner.

  1. Maddie says:

    I hope our names are in there ;) I LOVE your design work by the way!! If I had anything to design I’d totally hire you!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I loved planning our wedding! It was so exciting and such a fun time! Enjoy!

  3. Becca says:

    What a wonderful idea for your wedding planner :) I love everything about weddings!! The colors that you have I’m mind sound beautiful.

  4. kelazear says:

    that is the CUTEST thing i’ve ever seen. i would like to buy 195 of them from you, please!

  5. ariana kimball says:

    how funny is this… i found your blog through skinny runner, who i read daily and… brett’s sister is my best friend! small world :)

    • Jaymee Zeller says:

      haha oh my gosh that is so random! i met megan when she was out here – she is the sweetest! small world indeed.

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