stumptown coffee. i’m obsessed.

so a few weekends ago i discovered the amazingness of STUMPTOWN coffee at morning glass coffee + cafe in manoa.  ever since this girl posted about it on her travels to portland and seeing it pop up around the blogworld, i have been desperately wanting to try this stuff.  and OH. MY. GOSH.  it did not disappoint.  not to be dramatic or anything, but whoah….i think it might be the best coffee i have ever had.  bold statement, yes.  i seriously contemplate taking a massive detour into manoa every morning on my way to work just to get a cup of the goodness.  it’s super strong (which i love) and really smooth.  if you live on oahu, you have to check out this super cute cafe.  because besides the amazing coffee, the food is really good AND the people that work there are super nice.  i mean, they even let me use their contact solution after my lens decided it wanted to fall out of my eye.  customer service, baby.

P.S.  i’ve got some kinda-sorta BIG NEWS coming up tomorrow on the blog.  seriously, people.  BIG stuff.

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4 Responses to stumptown coffee. i’m obsessed.

  1. I just found an article about the best coffee places in Austin and am so excited to try them all. Wish one of them carried this. Yum!!

  2. Sarah OUaL says:

    I’ll be there in 10 for some stumptown and an exclusive preview of the big news. See ya

  3. yay for stumptown!! so yummy!!! and i love your big news. LOVE IT.

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