great aloha run 2012. (yes, i still run. sometimes.)

last monday i ran the 42nd annual 8.15 mile great aloha run from aloha tower to aloha stadium.  next to the honolulu marathon, i think this is oahu’s second largest race with over 20,000 people running it!  so that makes it really fun because it is kind of a big deal in the community (they even have a legit expo and they give out iced coffee after the race!!).  i have run it for the past three years and love the crowd support and the flat, easy course.  but do you see my stats for the past three years?  umm, yeah.  that’s not cool.  aren’t you supposed to get faster each year?!  i have a lot of excuses i’ve conjured up (tax season, tax season, and tax season) but i realize i’ve worked in public accounting for the past 3 years and have always been in busy season during this race.  hmmm.  looks like i need a new excuse.

in all honesty, my workout schedule is pretty craptastic right now considering i’ve been hitting the snooze button way too much in the morning and by the time i leave work after a 12 hour day, i am completely exhausted and i can hear my couch calling my name.  i’ve been averaging one run a week on a treadmill (wahoo!) so although i’m not too happy with my finishing time annual ascent, i guess 1:07 is semi decent.  all i know is that next year i’m quitting running if i get a 1:09.  for real.

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2 Responses to great aloha run 2012. (yes, i still run. sometimes.)

  1. audwolf says:

    you are hilarious, I finished in 1:17 and that was my record :(

  2. squigglefloey says:

    Congrats on the run! Everyone who I know wrking in accounting is going nuts now!
    Did you major in accounting in college?

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