INSPIRED BY: janelle edition.


meet janelle.  (seriously, how cute is this girl!?!?)  she is one of my nearest and dearest friends and has been uber fashionable since the day i met her.  when all of the rest of us were sporting brands like rusty and limited too in high school, janelle was on another level with fashion.  she was carrying kate spade bags and wearing seven jeans long before i had any clue about the world of designer fashion!  she has impeccable style and taste and i think you should go visit her adorable blog and tell her she needs to do more outfit posts.  like right now.  she may not have exactly followed my typical “inspired by” rules with being on-the-cheap, but that’s a-okay. we’ll forgive her this time because she does look ridiculously fab.  i only wish hawaii were 20* cooler so i could copy this outfit!  thanks so much janelle! (photo credit: her sweet bf kyle)

hat: f21//coat: j.crew//shirt: j.crew//shorts: vintage//tights: target//shoes: madewell//bag: j. crew

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8 Responses to INSPIRED BY: janelle edition.

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  2. awww Jaymee!! thank you, my love!! you are too sweet to me.
    a.) HAHA about the brands in high school!! how do you remember these things?! i hate to burst your bubble but that kate spade was a fakey
    b.) my hat was $9!! i followed the rules a little bit :)

    love you!!!

  3. kimberlee says:

    Haah oh love janelle! Too cute!

  4. Seriously, that girl was lightyears ahead of us in terms of fashion. Love her!

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  6. Kelsie says:

    aww this is amazing. you both are fabulous.

  7. Anna @ IHOD says:

    She is fabulous.
    Thanks for the intro!
    hope your weekend is wonderful Jaymee!

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