oh mondays.  i don’t particularly love this day of the week to be honest with you.  after fun weekends and our sundays spent on the north shore, getting back to the grind on monday is kind of a buzz kill.  boo.  but thank goodness for monday morning coffee.  yes yes yes.  i always have these grand intentions of going to bed early on sunday night but no matter what, i cannot get to bed before midnight!  i don’t know what it is but for some reason in the late hours i get all sorts of productive and my house gets cleaned, things get organized, and laundry gets done.  all to say that my monday morning cup of coffee is so good.  and so necessary.  happy work week!

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7 Responses to mondays.

  1. LOVE this look. you look SO DANG CUTE!!

  2. This picture looks so comfy cozy. I, too, go on late night cleaning rampages. Brando has to remind me sometimes that the entire family doesn’t actually share in my night owl productiveness.

  3. Kelsie says:

    You look so adorable Jaym.. love the headband :)

  4. Scottee says:

    my little flower child cuzzer, you look so cute, especially for posting at 4:37 in the AM, you nut.

  5. Love this photo! You look adorable!! And I need coffee morning! can’t function without it!! haha

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