busy bee.

today marks the start of tax season.  eeeeks!  for the next 4 months i will be working late nights and 6 day weeks.  and in my “free” time doing homework for my two online classes that i started last week (so i can finally get the last 8 units i need to get my cpa license!).  i’m not exactly excited about the next few months (read: i’m kinda sorta dreading it) but i’m really going to try and focus on being thankful i have a job.  plus be excited about my new bag i scored at urban outfitters when i was in santa barbara (thanks for letting me copy you sarah!) that serves as my new book bag, laptop bag, and carry-on.

also, i don’t think i will be blogging much so if i go missing for days or weeks at a time, this is why.  but i for sure will be instagramming (@jayadores).  because i am seriously obsessed (like this girl).

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3 Responses to busy bee.

  1. Scottee says:

    I’ll be praying for ya Jaymus. You can get through this yeeee!!! And when you can’t, you can gchat me and whine all you want :)

  2. Becca says:

    Killer bag…where can I find it?

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