day trip to santa barbara: part II.

after our lunch and a successful shopping trip down state street (i scored a sweet bag and some sunglasses at urban outfitters.  i miss that store!  hawaii reallyyy needs to get an urban and an anthropologie. those online shipping fees just aren’t cutting it for me.), we met up with scottee and her sparkly tom’s for ice cream at the famed mcconnell’s!  love that girl.  and that ice cream.  call me a creature of habit, but i’m pretty sure this trip mirrored all the same stops as my last trip there in may.  before we got ice cream though, reis and i walked across the street to the daily grind, quite possibly my ALL-TIME favorite coffeeshop in california.  the coffee is to die for, their scones are out of this world, the shop is in a super cute area downtown, and it’s across the street from an ice cream shop.  what more could you want?

this day pretty much rocked.  i loved every second.  being back in santa barbara just makes me a happy girl.  plus reis.  plus my whole family.  plus good food and shopping.  yeah, can’t go wrong with that combo.

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One Response to day trip to santa barbara: part II.

  1. I love all of your SB photos! Makes me want to move back to California RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. And of course, that means you need to move back too.

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