day trip to santa barbara: part I.

oh hey remember when reis and i went to california over new years?  yeah, let’s rewind a week or so.  i’m a littleeee behind on my photo posting.

on new year’s eve, my whole family took a trip up to santa barbara for the day.  i’ve said it before, but i L-O-V-E santa barbara.  like, LOVEEEE it.  it’s so quaint and charming and beachy and perfect.  reis and i met going to school there so it was so fun to be back there together!  we ate lunch at paradise cafe (the restaurant i used to work at in college!) and roamed state street for some shopping.  and since in the few hours we were there i managed to take a billion photos, part II to come tomorrow!

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9 Responses to day trip to santa barbara: part I.

  1. Can. not. read. this. right. now. Missing that area SO much. Seriously, will have to come back and read it after I’ve used this for motivation to actually get a trip going :) .

  2. Love your fashion sense. I found you on SR. Santa Barbra sounds amazing. All I know about that place is Kenny Loggins lived there (gross I know, but I had a huge crush on him in highschool). You’ll have to Google him because he was old for me so I’m sure you have no clue who he is. :)

  3. i just love your family so dang much!! they are so cute. plus, your outfit is AMAZING.

  4. Taylor says:

    Love the pics Jay!!!! Bradley and the scarf…haha! Bummed I wasn’t able to come :(

    Can’t wait to see Part ll :)

  5. SkinnyRunner says:

    i went to paradise cafe for the first time ever! last time i was in sb in november. love that little place.

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