mele kalikimaka.

(new sunglasses i got for reis!)

this year was the first christmas EVER that i wasn’t home in southern california.  i was sad to miss out on traditions with friends and family on the mainland and it did feel a little weird to be at the beach on christmas eve (not that socal screams winter wonderland exactly…), but i am so glad my family was able to come here to spend the holiday with me.  we stayed in a condo at turtle bay all weekend and it was so nice to get out of honolulu and bum around with no work!  i am even more grateful for the true meaning of Christmas and the reason we celebrate it at all: Christ!   christmas day we went to church in the morning, spent the entire day relaxing and watching christmas movies, had a delicious turkey dinner at reis’ parent’s house, ate dessert around a bonfire, and ended the night watching Elf.

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5 Responses to mele kalikimaka.

  1. Auntie Pam says:

    It was fun visiting with all of you via Skype that day!

  2. brokerunner says:

    You’re boyfriend is so good looking….wait, should I be saying that to you??? But really, he is :)

  3. Becca says:

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holiday. At least you had your family with you.

  4. Scottee says:

    We missssssed you!!!!!! But I’m pretty jel about your time in the tropics. Looked lovely. See you soon??

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