deck the halls.

and she’s up!  my VERY first real christmas tree!  growing up, my family always had a fake one and so it is soo exciting to wake up and smell the goodness.  (how often are you supposed to water real trees?  i am actually afraid i might kill it or it will turn brown before christmas.)  reis put up the tree and helped me decorate the rest of my house with TONS of white twinkle lights that i got at a garage sale in the summer for $3.  my house is so cozy now and i just love being at home!

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7 Responses to deck the halls.

  1. Sarah OUaL says:

    OMG love love love. Seriously tell me that’s your christmas card. Can it be mine? You can just photoshop mine and brian’s heads on yours and reis’s bodies, right?

  2. very nice. i, too, got my first real tree this year and it is exciting ( my husband suggested on getting one ). i just check the water daily.

  3. Scottee says:

    Love your Christmas decor!!! It’s amazing that pine cones grow on Christmas trees, and yet we have to purchase them separately so that we can reunite them. No wonder Christmas is so expensive.

  4. kim says:

    aww this reminds me of middle school when we used to compare who had fake or real xmas trees and you were always with me with the fake! *hand shakey wave thing we used to do*

  5. mom says:

    Let me set the record straight…we did not ALWAYS have a ‘fake’ tree…can we call it ‘almost looks like the real thing’ tree???? Not real fond of the word ‘fake.’ Over the years, got tired of the dried out look and pine needles everywhere. I must say I do miss the aroma of fresh evergreen though :) That’s what candles are for :) Isn’t the trunk sitting in water? They say to put aspirin & sugar in the water, to make it last longer.

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