well it sure has been a while since one of these posts!  since scottee and i both kinda sorta have a crush on the olsen twins, i had the grand idea to copy mk and a this week.

on scottee: kenneth cole reaction sunglasses/ross/$10, white tee/express/$10, cardigan/urban outfitters/$20, miss me jeans/nordstrom rack/$30, scarf-belt/f21/$6

on moi: CK sunglasses/found on beach, seven jeans/loehmanns/$40, white shirt/f21/$15, rachel roy blazer/macy’s/$50, bag/tj maxx/$40

today i’m stoked that it’s friday!  i have lots on my to-do list this weekend and christmas shopping better go down because december is just flyinggg by.  actually, this whole year has just flown by.  seriously, where did 2011 go??  i swear i say that every year though.  my family is coming to visit on thursday for 10 days and i. cannot. wait!  i have so much to look forward to this month and i want it to go by slowly so i can enjoy all of it!  happy weekend!

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5 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. Cassie says:

    Ahh I’m obsessed with ashley and mary kate too! (ash more than mary though) and yall look so cute! Did you notice you have 50 followers now? (:
    Happy weekend!

  2. kimberlee says:

    LOVE! You’re the asian olsens :) u literally mirrored that pic perfect!

  3. China says:

    Your outfits look adorable and match the picture almost to the T!

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