night out in waikiki.

for scottee’s last night on the island we had a night out on the town in waikiki.  first stop: rum fire, a really fun resort lounge that has live music and an ocean view.  we both had mojitos — passion fruit for me, mango for scots — and they were sooooo good.  like so good.   definitely want to make a trip back there asap.  then we got dinner.  scottee had watched food wars earlier in the day while i was at work and it had her craving a burger.  so next stop was cheeseburger in paradise.  that was super good too.  then we walked around and got starbucks (for the 20th time during her trip).  and pretended we were tourists by taking millions of pictures.  my specialty.

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3 Responses to night out in waikiki.

  1. I love pretending to be a tourist.. but I loathe being assumed a tourist;) Awesome pictures!!

  2. Scottee says:

    …and yet I’m still hungry.

  3. Kimberlee says:

    so fun…you make me miss hawaii!

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