peppermint mocha milkshake.

now that it’s been at least a week from the most indulgent eating day of the year, i think it’s about time to indulge some more!

reis has been crazyyy studying this past week for a huge test that he has this morning (say a prayer for him, will ya?).  that means he’s been having lots of late nights.  that also means the boy needed some serious coffee to stay awake and burn the midnight oil.  i decided to be a good little girlfriend and made him a super delish holiday sweet treat infused with caffeine.  i present you with the peppermint mocha milkshake.  blend the above ingredients and voilaaa!

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5 Responses to peppermint mocha milkshake.

  1. kimberlee says:

    Oh haaaaaayyyyy Mrs. Betty Crocker! She’s comin out! Lol

  2. Aunt Pam says:

    Does that ever sound and look yummy!

  3. i second aunt pam… haha..
    have to try this soon!

  4. Looks deelish! Love ur blog!!

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