val nolasco half marathon.

sunday i ran my 8th half marathon in honolulu with my good friends aimee and natalie.  (note to you mainlanders:  if you decide to run race in hawaii and are going to spend the money on flights, hotels, etc., no offense to oahu, but i would definitely recommend going to maui or kauai for their races.  honolulu races are not scenic like you would imagine and if you are going to suffer from the humidity, you might as well have some nice ocean views along the course.  big island might be nice, but it’s HOT.  think lots and lots of black lava surrounding you.)

my recap of the race:

cheap race ($30 race fee, holla) with about 1,000 runners and well organized by 808 race hawaii.  the honolulu marathon is in december and they have a training series of 5 races that starts in september and this was the last race in the series.
start was at 5:30 AM.  yes, 5 freakin 30.  i wanted to chuck my alarm clock out the window when it went off at 3:45 but i was actually super glad it started so early because running in the hot and humid sun is death.  it was pitch black for the first 6 miles but relatively cool and nice and great for running.
the course was okay — nothing too exciting especially since most of the races in honolulu are on the SAME course through residential areas and a main highway.  and since i’ve run the majority of races this island has to offer, it’s getting a teensy bit boring.  great course support though!  lots of water and gatorade stations and super awesome volunteers.  there was a steady climb (ever heard of that famous landmark called diamond head??) about a mile long i think from miles 10-11.
i felt pretty good for most of the time and kept a steady pace.  after the hill though, my legs were DEAD.  they felt like lead which has never happened before and i was not a fan.  each leg felt like it weighed 100 pounds.  i turned up my music and trucked through the last mile and finished in 1:50:37, average pace of 8:27.  3 minutes from a PR but i’m still happy with my time!  plus it was super fun to have friends who ran too!  and our fan club who consisted of our significant others.

so supportive they are.

i did get a free 10 minute massage after and it was super painful but amazing…the good kind of hurt.  the masseuse lady told me that i need to stretch and my muscles were so insanely tight.  it’s true.  i never stretch.  foam roller? it collects dust in my closet.  an ice bath?  not convenient.  it’s horrible i know and i need to make the time, but i am always in a rush and if i can run one extra mile or stretch, i choose running.  i really don’t want to get injured so i’m going to try my hardest to stretch more.  overall, this race was awesome.  races are not as plentiful in hawaii as they are on the mainland, so when a half mary comes up, i jump all over it!

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5 Responses to val nolasco half marathon.

  1. One Love Run says:

    Do they have any good halfs on the windward side in kailua or lanikai? We are there a couple times a year visiting family and every time I’m there I’m hoping a good race will pop up! But honestly, I would probably be happy running 13 miles around a parking lot in Honolulu because I still would be in Hawaii :)

    • jaymee says:

      halfs im not sure. there are a few 8Ks through lanikai in july i think and a 25k (15ish miles) in october through kailua thats part of the marathon training series. and im pretty sure there’s 5/10Ks scattered throughout the year. i love kailua! what a fun place to visit fam.

  2. squigglefloey says:

    Congrats on your race girl!
    Btw, what times do you feel plane tickets from Cali are the cheapest (to fly into Hilo/big island)?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Congrats, thats a fab time :)

  4. Pam says:

    Congrats Jaymee!! You’re such a pretty lady!! :)

    Happy to hear that you a nice Thanksgiving weekend!!

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