happy birthday to reis.

today is this creeps mcgee’s birthday!  he is growing out his mustache for “mustache movember” with some other med students to raise money for prostate cancer, so i’m glad it’s for a good cause, but i think it is the MOST FOUL looking thing.  it is so disgusting and since he is currently in pediatrics, i keep telling him that he is probably giving the little kiddies nightmares and giving them even more reason to hate the hospital.  oh well.  all in the name of charity…
saturday night we went to one of our favorite places, shokudo, for dinner to celebrate with our friends.  sunday afternoon we had lunch with his parents on the north shore.  and tonight i am taking the creeper out on a hot dinner date!
dang, he sure knows how to milk his birthday to last 3 days.  he’s a pretty decent guy though, i guess he deserves it :)

(not only is this guy one of the coolest people we know and a very good friend, he is also one of the creators of this RAD company.)

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6 Responses to happy birthday to reis.

  1. girlsthatrun says:

    My boyfriend has the creepy mustache going too! I keep begging him to shave it as a birthday present to me and I told him I’ll donate to the cause as soon as the ‘stache is gone.

  2. Janelle says:

    happy birthday reis!!!! and don’t hate on the stache!! some guys (aka kyle) can’t even grow one so you should be really proud!!!! haha love it though. hope he enjoyed his weekend and have fun tonight!

  3. My boyfriend has a creepy mustache and it’s not to raise money for charity!!! Reis totally wins….

  4. Kimberlee says:

    happy birfday reis! and yay to honey toast!

  5. hahaha, Jaymee, you are soo mean to him and his mustache. AHHA, it’s not that bad! I feel like it makes him look older, and when you are working in the hosp its good to look older I feel. 3 days!!

  6. Every once in a while my husband tries to grow facial hair. It doesn’t work well at all and I’m so thankful when he finally shaves!

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