i designed a race t-shirt.

like i mentioned in this post, i designed the kahuku high school 5k fun run fundraiser flyer and i also got to design the race t-shirt!  i have TONS of race t-shirts and i don’t think i have ever worn a single one.  they are usually pretty ugly in my opinion so i was determined to design one that wasn’t ugly (to me, anyways.)  they got back from the printer last week and it’s always so fun to see my work in the final product!  if you live on the island of oahu and are interested in burning off some of those extra thanksgiving calories, sign up for this race here!  it’s the saturday following thanksgiving, the 26th, and it’s up at gunstock ranch in laie (where i ran this trail half marathon).

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6 Responses to i designed a race t-shirt.

  1. Awesome! I ran outside when I visited Hawaii one fall. Gorgeous place. But the humidity really hits you after a while when you’re running!

  2. Girrrrrrrllll- If I wasn’t 8 months pregnant I would love too!

    This just makes me more excited for my races next year =)

    PS- awesome job on the shirt design! It looks great!

  3. SkinnyRunner says:

    dang mama, you need to quit working with money and numbers and boring stuff and do design. that shirt is radness.

  4. So cute! Race shirts are always horrible but that one is lush :)

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