banana pancakes and a celeb sighting.

yesterday reis and i went to our favorite breakfast spot, haleiwa cafe, before church.  i love going out to breakfast but i don’t really like any breakfast foods. (basically i don’t eat any and all kind of eggs.)  yep, i am a weirdo.  and getting oatmeal when you go out to breakfast is kinda boring.  i got banana pancakes and they were pretty good.  after church we beached it and it was pretty ironic that i got banana pancakes that morning because guess who we saw at the beach?  mr. jack johnson, singer of the song himself.  its not a big deal for people on the north shore to see him and i’m not one to be super starstruck, but since he was sitting right in front of us, i snapped a pic.

i was taking a pic of my friend ashley and then used the focus of my cam to sneak a paparazzi pic of jack.  sneaky sneaky.  

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4 Responses to banana pancakes and a celeb sighting.

  1. Those pancakes look SO GOOD! YUM!

    Fun seeing Jack Johnson on the beach! Annndddd Ashley is ADORABLE! Cute pic!

    P/S I am a leeeetle jealous of your beach day! We can sit on the beach here but its in the 60s and windy so bathing suits? Not so much :(

  2. brokerunner says:

    Soooo cool! I want to go to the beach! It’s been raining for what feels like forever in SD :(

  3. too funny!

    As soon as I saw those yummy banana pancakes I started singing his song to myself. OK, maybe not just too myself, but I’m alone in my office so it counts!

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