dinner, bookstore browsing, and a movie.

a few nights ago reis and i went to whole foods for dinner and then cruised around barnes and noble.  i really loveee bookstores.  they are so calm and peaceful and make me feel like i’m smart because everyone in there is reading thick books.

i got so excited when i saw mama pea’s ny times best seller!  sarah is one of my all time favorite bloggers and writes a hilariously witty food blog.  her family is so dang adorable and if she lived any closer, i would hire her in a heart beat to cook me dinner every night.  that darn pacific ocean seems to be getting in the way an awful lot lately…

while reis got caught up on his surf news, i read these mags.

and then we watched lincoln lawyer at my place and drank hot chocolate.  i know that movie came out awhile ago and we are way behind the times, but i really liked it!  basically if a movie keeps me awake the whole time, it gets 5 stars in my book.

happy thursday!  tomorrow is FRIDAY!  yip yip yipeee!

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5 Responses to dinner, bookstore browsing, and a movie.

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    Hey Jaymee – I’m behind the times, too, with movies. I just watched Lincoln Lawyer for the first time last week. Good movie. :-)

  2. We wait until movies come out at Redbox. So we’re usually really behind. Oh well!

    I liked that movie too! I miss frolicking in bookstores. hmmmm maybe that’s what I’ll do on my Monday off =)

  3. lizzyj1305 says:

    YAY! dinner&bookstore&movie=perfect night! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I hope your weekend is fabulous! xoxo!

  4. Corrie Anne says:

    Oh. I love that cookbook! I’m so glad it’s become a bestseller as well. And AMEN to the TGIF! :)

  5. i love bookstores… i can sit there for hours… :)
    i’m really behind too.. i still want to see that movie. glad to hear it was good!

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