i really dig kourtney kardashian’s style.  she always looks classy chic and put together.  i fell in love with her outfit after i saw these pics so i recreated it for like a twentieth of the cost of her designer threads.

hudson cargo pants – $40 nordstrom rack

white button up – $20 express

anthropologie necklace – birthday gift from a friend

jessica simpson heels – $15 on clearance at macy’s

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6 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. Janelle says:

    so cute Jay! your pics are getting really gooood! good job reis!

  2. You look way better in it than she does!! So chic and so stylish!

  3. Nice job Jaymee!

    Everytime I’m on Pinterest and see stylish celeb photos I think, “hey, I wonder if Jaymee could do something like that?”

    And you continue to inspire =)

  4. Jaymee, you are soo pretty! Who takes your pics? Or you set up your own camera? Miss you boo boo. I saw that ur mom is going to see the cheer musical, I want to see it, and it makes me think of u! Have u seen previews for it?

  5. jaymee says:

    you guys are all too nice. thank you!! heath – yeah, reis takes my pics!

  6. Anna L. says:

    Your hair is gorgeous my friend. And I love this classy chic outfit!

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