thrifting with laura.

laura is a thrifting pro.  i’ve never had luck in thrift stores for clothes and have only really looked in them for furniture and stuff for my house before.  but saturday was a different story.  we spent a good hour in salvation army trying on some of the ugliest threads known to man + some of the coolest blouses that had pleats!  i walked out of there with 6 shirts for $30.  yahhh baby.  i am always on the hunt for vintagey work shirts.  i get sick of my work clothes since i wear them all the time, but can’t afford a j. crew shopping spree every month.  problem solved.

we had so much fun in the dressing room.  apparently the girl in the room next to us thought it was karaoke hour.  she was BELTING it out, let me tell you.  it was hilarious.  and we were dying laughing.

and p.s. these are my real glasses.  i am seriously blind as a bat.  i often get asked when i wear them if they are “fake” because that is the trend now.  but no fakies over here, these are the real deal.

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5 Responses to thrifting with laura.

  1. Laura says:

    Miss being stuck in a dressing room with you already!

  2. Miranda says:

    Ive been following your blog now for about a month and I LOVE it! I will be in Oahu on monday and was wondering, what are some of the best thrift shops on the island?

    • Jaymee says:

      Thanks miranda! Um I think there is a store called savers that is supposedly pretty good but ive never been there. The salvation army in kaimuki and the goodwill on beretania I think are good too!

  3. Scottee says:

    love this post!!! you girls are so cute.

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